Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Homily for First Holy Communion: Seeing Jesus with the Eyes of Faith

Thirtieth Ordinary Sunday Year B

Who is your best friend? Isn’t Jesus your best friend? Who can be really called a good friend? A really good friend is one who will make time for you. He will always be with you, not only when you are happy, but also when you are sad. A good friend is someone you can turn to for help whenever you are in need. This friend may not be able to solve all your problems but his presence is consolation enough. A truly good friend also challenges you with the truth. He can tell things about you that you do not see in yourself. He does this out of love and not out of revenge. A good friend is one who is able to make all kinds of sacrifices for you. Without a doubt, Jesus is that good friend. He is our best friend.

In today’s gospel, we hear the story of how Jesus healed the blind man and made him see. Sometimes, we too are blind although we have eyes to see. We are blind when we don’t notice the poor and think of their needs. Sometimes, we are blind when we cannot recognize our weaknesses and mistakes. That’s why we need someone to tell us. There are also times, we fail to recognize and see Jesus in others, in our family, our parents, our friends, our school mates, our teachers. Because Jesus is our good friend, he wants to see as he sees. Jesus always loved the poor, those who were handicap, and those who were weak. Jesus also loved the little children and called all his disciples to become like little children. Why did Jesus do this? Jesus wanted his disciples to become like little children because little children see others without judging them.

Today, Jesus also wants to open your eyes to recognize him in the Eucharist. In order to see him, you must use your eyes of faith. Faith is a special gift which God has given to you and to every Christian who has been baptized. Faith allows you to see things as God sees them. Other people who do not have faith only see bread and wine. But if you have faith as your parents and godparents and all the people gathered here have faith, then you would see Jesus in this Eucharist. Do you believe that Jesus is present in the bread and the wine after father blesses it? Do you believe that this is really Jesus who wants to give himself to us?

Jesus gives himself to us as food. We need food in order to grow, and be strong and even to survive. Similarly, our faith needs Jesus in the Eucharist in order to grow, be strong and continue to give life. We must not be selfish when we receive Jesus in holy communion. After receiving Jesus in the communion, Jesus becomes a part of us. His body and blood becomes a part of our body and blood. So, whatever we do and whatever we say would affect Jesus because he is a part of us. Jesus gives himself to us so that we can give ourselves to others. How do we give ourselves to others? We must learn how not to be selfish. WE must learn to love others, even those people whom we do not like. We must help those who ask for our help. We must also help and love the poor, the elderly and those who are weak and not make fun of them. You must share the love of Christ which you receive today with everyone you meet.

Your teachers have told me that you have prepared very well for today’s first holy communion. You have paid attention to your catechism teacher every Sunday. You have participated in the Joy Camp. You have learnt to love Jesus and the Eucharist. Father would like to ask you now: are you ready to receive the Eucharist with faith and love?

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