Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CSS Annual Blood Donation Campaign on 17th October 2010

After about 2 years break, the Catholic Student Society (C.S.S.) of Visitation Seremban managed to revive the Annual Blood Donation Campaign on Sunday 17th October 2010. In the past this campaign was done practically every year, so much so it became the tradition of the parish. The support given by the parishioners were always good. This year’s campaign was held in conjunction with Mission Sunday. The aim of this campaign is to encourage the Visitation parishioners to donate blood and also to instill in them their responsibility as human beings in saving lives. It is indeed our mission as Christians to be charitable. This is also an out reach project done by the CSS. Approximately 100 parishioners responded to this campaign but only 66 were able to donate blood. Nevertheless the CSS members were very happy with the response given by parishioners. This event was graced by Mr. Teo the representative of YB Senator Dato Dr. Yeow Chai Tiam and the presence of the Lions Club Seremban made the event an auspicious one.

First Holy Communion 2010

Our parish catechism children celebrated their First Holy Communion on Sat 23 October 2010 for the English-speaking catechism children. Mass was at 5:45 pm. The Tamil-speaking and Mandarin-speaking catechism children celebrated their First Holy Communion respectively on Sun 24 October 2010 at 7:15 am (Tamil-speaking) and 10:30 am (Mandarin-speaking). There were 38 English-speaking, 37 Tamil-speaking and 15 Mandarin-speaking children involved.

Fr. Andrew Kooi was celebrant for the Sat sunset Mass with Frs. Julian Leow and George Packiasamy concelebrating. For Sun, Fr. George Packiasamy was the celebrant for the Tamil Mass and Fr. Andrew Kooi was celebrant for the Mandarin Mass with Fr. Julian Leow celebrating.

Despite the rain and limited space due to the use of the hall, a sizable number of faithful attended the Masses with the First Holy Communion children.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joy Camp 2010 (Std 3) on 10 Oct 2010

The Joy Camp started of at 7:30 am with the gathering of children of all languages (English: 38, Tamil: 37 and Mandarin: 14 - 89 in total) at the Wisma Visitaion Hall. Y2Y began the camp with Praise and Worship as ice breakers. This fired up the children. Then the children were broken into respective groups.
A video presentation "Five Loaves and 2 Fish" enabled the children to learn to share, not to be greedy, and to have faith in Jesus as He is the Bread of Life. Topics such as Understanding the Eucharist, the Last Supper, Bread and Wine and what to do during consecration were covered - these being presented by the Catechism teachers (Spencer's team). The children were also introduced to items used at Mass such as the chalice, paten and host.
A puppet show brought the message of the importance of going to Mass and being a proud soldier of God. At the end of the camp, the children wrote a letter to Jesus and offered it up to Him in a silver basket.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Month of Rosary 2010

On October 1 2010, the Rosary month was launched with rosary and Mass at the grotto. About 300 parishioners attended. It is a Catholic tradition to pray the rosary especially during the months of May and October and this tradition is observed by Visitation Church Seremban. This month is especially significant as it is also the start of the restoration work in the Church premises. Parishioners and priests prayed especially for the smooth running and success of the restoration works.

For the 1st decade, we prayed at the grotto, the 2nd decade at the Main Sanctuary in the church, 3rd decade at the main entrance with lighted candles from the paschal candle, 4th decade we took a walk around the church and 5th decade we concluded the rosary at the grotto.

After Rosary, Mass was celebrated by Fr. Andrew Kooi. In his homily, he invited the faithful to be childlike in their faith and trust in God, as that is what is required of us if we wish to be in God's Kingdom.

Breakfast Sale - Catechism Classes for Restoration Fund 2010

On Sunday 26 September 2010, the Catechism teachers organised a Breakfast Sale for the Restoration Fund. Many items and food stuff were sold. Sales were good and most items were sold quite quickly.

Chinese Apostolate Pasar Malam for Restoration Fund 2010

The Chinese Apostolate organised a Pasar Malam on Saturday 25 October 2010 for the Restoration Fund 2010. Sales were brisk and successful and most items, especially food stuff, were sold out. A cartoon movie titled Prince of Egypt was shown as part of the attractions.