Sunday, April 25, 2010

Society of St. Vincent de Paul and Frederick Ozanam

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (“SSVP”) is an international Catholic voluntary organization dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage by providing direct practical assistance to anyone in need.

The aim of the society is :
1. To help the unfortunate in the most humane way and salvage their destiny.
2. through the ways of grace and witness, bring about our common salvation by participation in the Kingdom of God.
3. Main works: visiting people in their homes, in hospitals, institutions and wherever else they may be found needing aid or comfort.
Like that of its founder, Frédéric Ozanam, the vision of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul "is to embrace the world in a network of charity."

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in 1833 to serve impoverished people living in the slums of Paris, France. The primary figure behind the society's founding was Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, a French lawyer, author, and professor in the Sorbonne. He was 20 years old when the society was founded and was beatified by the late Pope John Paul II in 1997.

Today, the Vincetians (as they fondly call themselves) celebrate the birthday of their founder, Frédéric Ozanam. Yesterday, the members of the SSVP Conference of Visitation Seremban renewed their commitment to serve the poor and received a special blessing at the end of the sunset mass.

The SSVP Conference of Visitation, Seremban, counts among its many projects and responsibilities the care of 66 adoptee families and the recycling project on the last Sunday of each month. The SSVP Visitation Conference is an integral member ministry of the Parish Integral Human Development Ministry of Visitation.

Those interested to know more about the works of SSVP, please contact Mrs. Lalitha Rozario (012-6438677).

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  1. Syabas Vincetians of Visitation. Keep up the good work! Will uphold you guys in prayer.


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