Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Many years ago, thumbdrives used to have what is called a write-protect switch. What this does is when you push it to the lock position, you can read the contents of the thumbdrive but you cannot write or store anything into the thumbdrive. This is useful if you are going to use the thumbdrive on a computer other than your own, and you are not sure whether the computer is infected by malicious programs such as viruses.

Nowadays, such a write-protect switch is no longer available on most thumbdrives. Instead, software is used to write-protect the thumbdrive. However, such software is often activated only after the thumbdrive is detected on the computer. While the thumbdrive is being detected, viruses could still infect the thumbdrive.

To solve this problem, another way you could protect your "thumbdrive" from the possibility of being infected by viruses is to use a SD card and a SD card reader such as this one. SD cards generally have got a write-protect switch on it. The SD card reader is slim enough to look almost like a thumbdrive, so it can be easily carried around and plugged into the USB port of a computer.

When you want to save your data into the SD card, you need to push the switch to the top position. This means that the SD card is not locked.

Once you have saved your data into the SD card, you can push the switch into the locked position. This means that the SD card cannot be written on, that is, you cannot save any data into the SD card.

Then, put the SD card (while the switch is in the locked position) into the SD card reader. Using this method, you could open your files in the SD card on other computers without having to worry about the possibility of being infected by viruses.

As Catholics, we too have got a write-protect switch. Our write-protect switch is in the form of the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. If we are regular in receiving the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation and are consistent in our prayer life, we receive God's Grace and "write-protect" our souls from being infected by the scourge of sin. Let us make every effort to "write-protect" our souls and maintain a good relationship with God and neighbour today.

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  1. I have not heard it explained in that manner but very cool. Keep up the good work, Fr. Andrew Kooi!


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