Friday, December 3, 2010

Nascent Vigil

On the evening of Nov. 27 which was the eve of Advent, around 100 parishioners gathered for a prayer vigil immediately after the sunset Mass. We had a very simple prayer in respond to the call of the Universal Church to pray for all Nascent Human life. We prayed in order to invoke divine protection on every human being that is being born and to thank God for the gift of life we received from our parents. Nascent refers to unborn human life and it also refers to “promising”, “growing” and “hopeful”. There was a slide show presentation on abortion and also about the unborn child who need the protection and care of its parents. "Pope Benedict XVI invites us to focus both on the hope and promise of new life in Christ that we celebrate at Christmas and also to acknowledge the sad fact that worldwide there are an estimated 50 million abortions performed each year. Lives are simply thrown away. Many people in our time have truly become "hypnotized" to this reality." In his sharing, Fr George reminded us of the great gift of life from God that each and every human life represents and invited everyone to pray during these days of Advent for all those who have sinned against life. He also urged everyone to turn to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of unborn children to intercede for the protection and good health of children growing in the womb.

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