Friday, November 20, 2009

What is the Parish Pastoral Assembly?

What is the Parish Pastoral Assembly?

  • It is not an AGM
  • It’s not about long reports, motions and elections.
  • It is a forum that seeks to deepen our sense of our shared care and responsibility for our parish/ our faith community

It is a FORUM to LISTEN to ...
  • The whole parish in the form of the data tabulated from the survey
  • Others in small workshops and open forums.
  • You and what you feel is important for this parish.
  • Our priests and leaders as they try to discern God’s directions for this parish

It is a FORUM to SHARE ...
  • Your DREAMS and VISIONS for this parish.
  • Your joys and sorrows in being a part of this parish
  • Your reflections on the manner in which God is leading this parish.
  • Your ideas and suggestions for the future planning of this parish.

You will come to know and be able to seek clarification regarding the pastoral plan of this church
“New Image of the Parish”

When is it taking place this year?
November 22, Sunday, 2.00 to 6.00 pm

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