Friday, October 1, 2010

October Month of Rosary 2010

On October 1 2010, the Rosary month was launched with rosary and Mass at the grotto. About 300 parishioners attended. It is a Catholic tradition to pray the rosary especially during the months of May and October and this tradition is observed by Visitation Church Seremban. This month is especially significant as it is also the start of the restoration work in the Church premises. Parishioners and priests prayed especially for the smooth running and success of the restoration works.

For the 1st decade, we prayed at the grotto, the 2nd decade at the Main Sanctuary in the church, 3rd decade at the main entrance with lighted candles from the paschal candle, 4th decade we took a walk around the church and 5th decade we concluded the rosary at the grotto.

After Rosary, Mass was celebrated by Fr. Andrew Kooi. In his homily, he invited the faithful to be childlike in their faith and trust in God, as that is what is required of us if we wish to be in God's Kingdom.

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