Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joy Camp 2010 (Std 3) on 10 Oct 2010

The Joy Camp started of at 7:30 am with the gathering of children of all languages (English: 38, Tamil: 37 and Mandarin: 14 - 89 in total) at the Wisma Visitaion Hall. Y2Y began the camp with Praise and Worship as ice breakers. This fired up the children. Then the children were broken into respective groups.
A video presentation "Five Loaves and 2 Fish" enabled the children to learn to share, not to be greedy, and to have faith in Jesus as He is the Bread of Life. Topics such as Understanding the Eucharist, the Last Supper, Bread and Wine and what to do during consecration were covered - these being presented by the Catechism teachers (Spencer's team). The children were also introduced to items used at Mass such as the chalice, paten and host.
A puppet show brought the message of the importance of going to Mass and being a proud soldier of God. At the end of the camp, the children wrote a letter to Jesus and offered it up to Him in a silver basket.

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