Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bible Camp - Stds 4 - 6

By Juliana Cantius

The Bible camp for the children in Stds 4-6, was held on Tuesday the 16th of March 2010. The theme for the Camp was "PREFERENTIAL LOVE FOR THE POOR". Our Energetic team of Cathecist and Y2Y youths made it a Fun Event for the Kids. The Y2Y Team organized the Icebreakers & action songs for the children which was a Blast!!

The Camp Started with the Bible Enthronement. The first session on the Theme was conducted by Spencer & Amanda Sequerah, starting with a touching video presentation of a Short film called " Chicken Ala carte" that touched the children to think about the poor & hungry children and how to appreciate what they have.

After the a break, the children had fun with More Games and songs also Art work. Next was a Bible story, from the book of Luke 16 vs19-31 'The Rich Man & Lazarus' by Catechist Ann, Samantha, Amy, Angeline & Julie. This story taught the children that it is not a Sin to be Rich, but it is a sin to Turn Away and choose to ignore, those who are dying without - food, clothes, care or a home which are The Basic needs for every living being.

Finally when it was time for group dynamics, we were amazed, at how much the children had learnt from the Camp in sharing with us as groups with their written testimonies. After the Final Blessing by Father George, we dismissed the children.

A big Thank You to the Team That put this camp together:- Y2Y - Jamie, Cassy, John, Jaqueline, Melsilla & Audrey.

The Catechist :-Sr. Theresa, Elizabeth, Patricia, Magaret, Rosaline, Thresa, Amy, Amanda, Spencer, Samantha, Angeline & Juliana.
Also Father George & Eddy Joseph.
The Parents for their cooperation & the Children!!!!

More photos on Facebook.

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