Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bible Formation (English and Mandarin)

Today, March 20, parishioners from both the English speaking (136 participants) and Mandarin speaking (30 over participants) communities underwent a formation which introduced them on the basic principles of studying and praying the bible. Fr. Clement Lim from the Church of Immaculate Conception, PD spoke at the Mandarin session whereas, Fr. Michael Chua, the parish priest of Visitation delivered the English formation. Here are some basic tips which the participants had learned during the session:
  • Note Geographical, Historical and Cultural Background.
  • Know the Circumstances of Writing: Audience, Time, Place and Other Factors.
  • Interpret According to the Purpose of the Writer.
  • Recognise the Form of Literature.
  • Interpret According to the Grammar of the Passage.
  • Get at the Meaning of Single Words, But always study them in their setting.
  • Interpret a Passage in the Light of its Context.
  • Interpret any Passage in the Light of the Whole Bible Teaching & Analogy of Faith
  • Interpret it within the Church – the light of Tradition guided by Magisterium

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