Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bible Formation (Tamil): How to Study the Bible?

In line with the Parish theme, "The Bible, A Guide for our Steps, A Light for the World", the Parish Pastoral Council and the priests have decided to provide a basic formation that introduces lay persons to the art of studying and praying the bible. The formation will be conducted in 3 languages, with the first formation in Tamil conducted this afternoon by Fr. George Packiasamy. Over 70 participants attended this afternoon's Tamil formation.

At last year's Parish Pastoral Assembly, the following focus for the year 2010 was affirmed:

Focus: To make the Bible, the Word of God the centre of our lives, and the basis of:
1. Community and Unity
2. Discipleship
3. Prayer
4. Service
5. Witnessing

a) ACTM focus on training and introducing leaders to Lectio Divina (Spiritual Reading).
b) To provide modules for Lectio Divina based on Lectionary Readings
c) Formations on Bible (including 100 Weeks Bible, 44 week Bible Course etc.)
d) Formations on Evangelisation/ Witnessing/ Discipleship/ Spirituality
e) Retreat on Lectio Divina
f) Catechetical Emphasis on Bible
g) Ensure that every family or member should have a bible (cheap Bibles or sponsored bibles to be made available to poorer families; audio CDs for those who are illiterate)

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