Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Groovy Great Time with Seniors - Visitation Senior Parishioners Fellowship Annual Dinner & Dance 2009

September 21 - Tonight saw both young and old taking to the dance floor after a hearty seven course Chinese dinner organised by the Visitation Senior Parishioners Fellowship (VSPF). This annual dinner and dance event has been successfully organised by the very active and dedicated members of the VSPF who were able to sell out all 50 tables at Min Kok Chinese Restaurant. The members of the VSPF meet every second Sunday of the month in the Church's Recreation Corner (Canteen) as they gather for fellowship and camaraderie. It's an opportunity to croon both evergreen oldies as well learn new pop hits. The evening was animated by our own talented local MC (who's a senior Bank officer too), Steven and the songs were belted out by a live band which called themselves "Countrymix", with VSPF member, Alan Wooden, on the guitar.

The night started off with the committee members getting on stage to sing two numbers, one being the VSPF anthem. Mariadass, the president then delivered his opening address and thanked everyone for supporting this annual event. The dishes and dance numbers were interspersed with lucky Draws. Fr. Clement was assigned the task of choosing the best dancer for the evening, a most difficult assignment! In no time, everyone warmed up to the dance floor.

Committee members at the entrance of the restaurant to "welcome" all
Guests patiently waiting for dinner
VSPF Committee Members on stage belting out their anthem accompanied by Countrymix Band
Soon everyone can't resist but to boogie on the dance floor
Even Fr. Clement sportingly joins in the fray and shows his prowess at dancing!

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