Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confirmation Camp Pre-Study Days 2009

Around 100 students from the 3 language sections of the Confirmation programme came together for 2 days as preparation for this weekend's Camp with Martin Jalleh. The preparation study days were animated by the Confirmation Class teachers, Sr. Theresa Chua (Pastoral Associate for Catechetics) and Fr. Michael Chua. Sr. Theresa Chua explored creative ways of prayer with the students on the first day. One of the students shared later that she found this prayer exercise very encouraging and enlightening, as she could now appreciate that prayer need not be confined only to conventional means, such as vocal and mental prayer. On the second day, Fr. Chua facilitated various group dynamics and activities that helped the students explore issues of diversity, communication styles, stereotyping, and race. The students enjoyed the many games that highlighted the dangers of ethnocentricity and the importance of fostering diversity in relationship and community building. Some of the Y2Y youth advisors were present to help with the ice-breaking activities and group dynamics.

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