Sunday, December 6, 2009

Confirmation Camp with Martin Jalleh: December 4-6

100 over confirmation candidates from 3 language groups of the parish were challenged by Martin Jalleh to "Make a Difference." They were led to explore and reflect on their faith life, relationships with others, and their personal dreams for the future.

The camp began on Friday evening with icebreakers by the Y2Y youth followed by the opening orientation by Martin. The Y2Y youth also animated several games and group dynamics on the following day. On Saturday night, the whole group was led into a period of prayer and healing where many experienced healing of memories, especially of past hurts and disappointments. Fr. Michael Chua celebrated eucharist with the group that very same night after the Inner Healing Session.

The two and half days camp concluded with an open session on Sunday afternoon between Martin and the parents of the students. He explained some of the teenage challenges their children were facing and challenged them to provide wholistic options to their children as well as to ensure that their children's future is established on firm foundation, faith rather than things of the world. At the end of the talk, the students came in to present a song dedicated to their parents followed by a special moment of reconciliation.

Thanks to all the catechists, the Y2Y youth advisors and members, the parents' committee who cooked, prepared the food and logistics and chaperoned the children at night!

Here are some photos. More photos can be obtained from Facebook.

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  1. Indeed a great experience, heard so much about this Martin Jalleh guy....first time attended his session....pity for us parents, it was only for 2hr session....look forward to longer session with him in the future......parents committee was simply fantastic over the duration of the camp.....syabas to them and the rest for making this camp a reality


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