Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Joint RCIA Christmas Event and Fellowship - December 20, 2009

By Arthur Pinto

This event was organized with the joint effort of the English, Mandarin, Tamil and the Bahasa Malaysia RCIA facilitators.

The programme started at around 10:30 am with some of the groups having their individual class session. The English group did a session on the meaning of Christmas.

At around 12:00 noon, all four groups came together at the Parish Hall, already set up with decorations to give the feeling of Christmas. Participants were made up of the RCIA candidates and their family members, sponsors and facilitators. In total we had a headcount of about 120 who attended.

We started with an ‘Ice Breaker’ to get the groups integrated and then ‘carol singing’ by each group in their own language. They was a lot of fun and excitement during the ‘Ice Breaker’ and we also observed some good preparation in the ‘carol singing’ especially by the Tamil and the Bahasa Malaysia groups.After this, we had a buffet lunch with Christmas cakes and cookies. Both young and old had a good feast and the food was well appreciated. By about 2:00 pm the party ended.

More Photos in Facebook.

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