Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bible in 100 Weeks - Training of Facilitators

Sunday (May 2) --- Msgr James Gnanapiragasam, the Chairman of the Archdiocesan Biblical Ministry, gave an introduction of the objectives and dynamics of the Bible in 100 Weeks course to several parishioners who had volunteered to be trained as small group facilitators. Msgr James explained that the course is a simple of way of reading the entire bible from cover to cover and gives the participant "a first glimpse of the entire bible."

"It's not mean to be an academic course but the course is meant to allow the participant to read the entire Bible over a period of time," he added. "The Bible is to be read with the correct perspective. It is first and foremost the Word of God, and so must be read with faith and within the heart of the Church."

The method of bible study that is introduced by this course is both personal and at group level. Participants are expected to read 1-2 chapters of the Bible every week according to a prescribed schedule. The weekly meetings are opportunities for the participants to share the fruits of their bible reading and reflection.

The Bible in 100 Weeks course will be commencing soon. Please look out for announcements in the bulletin.

For more information on the course and handbook, please contact: Doreen 017-3326007 & Jessie 019-2524290.

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