Sunday, May 30, 2010

Living the Word of God

May 29, 2010 – Saturday – Feast Day
“Living the Word of God”

Homily Outline

• The Word of God is like a seed that is planted in soil. Unless the seed bears fruit, then the planting will be in vain.
• Last two days, we have learnt how to read and pray the bible. Today, we must allow the Word of God which is planted in us to grow and bear fruit.
• Mary is the example of someone who lives the Word of God.
1. She was obedient to the Word of God delivered to her by the angel Gabriel.
2. Because of her obedience, the Word took flesh and dwelt among us. – Jesus came into the world through Mary.
3. Mary did not keep the Word a secret but went to share the good news she has received with Elizabeth. She is a woman of Witness– we too must share the Word that we have received.
4. The Word bore fruit in her life by making her a Woman of Prayer – e.g. Magnificat. She was also someone who always contemplated the events of her life.
5. She was also a Woman of Communion – she was in communion with the poor (birth of Jesus at Bethlehem), with those in need (Wedding at Cana), and with those who suffer (especially her son on the Cross), with the Church at Pentecost.
6. She was a Woman of Ministry – who served the needs of others (Wedding at Cana) and must have taught her son the important lesson of serving with unconditional love.
7. Most of all, even though she was the mother of Christ, she was His best disciple – she was a Woman Disciple of the Lord – listening to Jesus, suffering with Jesus on the Cross

• From Mary, we learn these 5 important lessons of how to live a Christian life, how to live the Word of God:
1. WARMER through fellowship or communion,
2. DEEPER through discipleship,
3. STRONGER through prayer,
4. BROADER through ministry, and
5. LARGER through witnessing.
• We must have all these elements in our Christian life and community life. To only focus of one and not the other would make us less Christian.

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